Behind The Camera


I am Yu photography… Rebecca Yu to be exact! Here is a little bit about myself away from my camera… I can lie and say I’ve always wanted to be a photographer but I actually always wanted to be a dancer when I was younger! It wasn’t until my sister’s graduation, when I was 16, when I used my mums SLR film camera that I thought eh I like this!

Behind the lens, I am just an average 5ft lady that loves to smile, laugh and talk! I love a relaxed atmosphere so anywhere with tea and cake or biscuits (I’m not fussy!) is my absolute favourite!

My approach is very naturalistic – I am a big fan of being in the moment and not to over think and plan. Formals for me, are important to capture when family and friends are involved, but I also think capturing the laughter and emotions that guests radiate are moments in time that can not be missed. Me myself I think I can get the best from people when I am more relaxed and when others feel more comfortable around me!

SO… to break a bit of ice, here are a few facts about me:

I like tea, ALOT – Tea trumps alcohol for me!
I adore food – mainly cake
I’m VERY scared of heights – PETRIFIED in fact
I’m slightly obsessed with taking pictures of my cat – Rusty Yu


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I would love to hear all about you!