Family, Commercial and Wedding Photographer based in Staffordshire 

Delve into my life and camera.

My world currently consists of myself, my husband and my son – H. I LOVE to travel around the world – to see views and to learn about the different ways of life!

It’s a lot to ask you to open up to me so I want to break the ice a little and give you some facts about who I really am!

I like tea, ALOT – Tea is life!

I adore a sweet treat!

I’m VERY scared of heights – PETRIFIED in fact

I HATE when I get my hair wet and it touches my neck!

I’m happiest when I am outdoors exploring and walking.

I am a wedding photographer in Staffordshire

What my approach is like…

My approach is very naturalistic when it comes to my commercial, family and wedding photography in Staffordshire and beyond  – I am a big fan of being in the moment and not to over think. So basically, I like to go with the flow, in an organised manner!


I think formals are as important as you want them to be. So I do ask for a group list of photos before your big day, that way any important groups won’t be missed!


Your guests play such an important role in your wedding and of course I want to capture them! Formals and candid’s are both equally as important to me, so don’t be afraid to ask for group shots!


For us, we will work together as comfortably as possible. I know it may feel daunting or odd, but I am there to help you enjoy your day and to have memories captured.

If you aren’t affectionate thats fine! If you are thats fine too! I don’t want to force poses that you are not comfortable with. However, we will find out what works together.

I want you to enjoy the day you have longed for. I will just be there, capturing away.




If you are interested….

From time to time I like to send messages with different shoots and offers on my wedding, commercial and wedding photography packages and prices I have available! Sooooo…. If you want know more – Let’s keep in touch!

Book Yu?! No book me!

You have that feeling and you want to book me!? Let’s chat!

Thinking I’m the one for you? Get in touch and lets have a chat! I’d love to hear ALL the details.